Fla Stat 90.501-90.506 details the various privileges which may be asserted by a litigant, but Fla Rule of Civil Procedure 1.280 (b)(6) details how to respond and assert the privilege.
A party who responds to or objects to discovery requests and who withholds information otherwise discoverable by asserting that the information is privileged or subject to other protection from discovery must assert a claim expressly and must describe the nature of the documents , communications, or things not produced or disclosed , such that, without revealing the privileges or protected information itself , the description will enable other parties to assess the the applicability of the privilege or protection. 
In other words the objecting party must file a privilege log, so that it can be determined whether the documents or things to be produced are in fact, privileged.  It is important to note that failure to provide a privilege log when objecting on privilege grounds may amount to a waiver of the privilege.