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Family Mediator

As a General Magistrate in the family division, Robert Singer heard hundreds and hundreds of cases. He learned that the key is allowing both parties to openly communicate so that he may understand what is important to them. This will allow resolution of these matters which will help to reduce the stress and allow families the process of moving forward.

Civil Mediator

Experience for fifty years and having tried hundreds of cases to verdict in civil law, Robert Singer understands the frustrations of the litigation process. The cases have encompassed a wide spectrum of civil litigation including Personal Injury and Wrongful Death, Medical malpractice, Insurance Disputes, Premises Liability , and Commercial matters.

civil law mediation
Robert Singer Mediation

Special Magistrate

Wherein the court will appoint an attorney/former judge to hear and rule on pre-trial motions, and/or discovery disputes and be present at depositions to rule on any and all objections.

Private Judging

FLA. Statute 44.104 allows a private lawyer to serve as a Trial Resolution Judge by agreement of the parties 

Private Judging - Robert Singer Mediation
Litigation Support - Robert Singer Mediation

Litigation Support

To assist lawyers with discovery, litigation tactics and preparation of their case for trial